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"I never thought that a chair ought to be monitoring my health, but Nexvoo aims to do just that."
Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Adjustable Desk Chair review: Healthy choice
iMore - July 09, 2021
"The Health index feature of the chair is located in the right armrest. At first, I thought it would be difficult to plug in the charging cord. However, the magnetic plug made that task easy. It’s so easy; it finds and attaches itself almost automatically. "
Nexvoo Health Ergonomic Chair review – Find out if sitting really is killing you
the gadgeteer - July 16, 2021
"The Nexvoo office chair is a unique and comfortable model with all the hallmarks of a well-built ergonomic task chair, including a wide and adjustable lumbar support piece, adjustable seat height and depth, and 3D adjustable armrests."
NEXVOO Health Ergonomic Chair Review
OFFICE CHAIR PICKS - June 18, 2021
Top gift ideas for Father's Day 2021
TechRepublic - June 17, 2021
"The Nexvoo Health is a fully adjustable ergonomic breathable desk chair that comes equipped with 3D Armrests which also integrate a built-in Health Monitor for tracking your heart rate, blood oxygen level, and your fatigue index."
Nexvoo Health Adjustable Desk Chair w/ 3D Armrests & Health Monitor
Gadget Gram - June 09, 2021
"Nexvoo’s Smart Chair combines a sleek ergonomic design with a built-in health monitor to track your heart rate variability, blood oxygen level and fatigue index. "
Nexvoo Debutes World's First Smart Chair Monitors Vitals to Help Take Control of Health
Digital Journal - May 14, 2021
"Even better: This mask is alleged to offer more protection than those coveted N95 masks and includes an embedded UVC light to sanitize your mask and a five-layer filter."
Nexvoo Breeze Face Mask
MensJournal - March 27, 2021
"The Nexvoo Breeze Mask is a Transparent Face Mask that’s equipped with Ultra-Silent Micro Fans and a built-in UV-C Light for sanitizing and disinfecting the mask."
Nexvoo Breeze Mask – Transparent Face Mask w/ Fans & UV-C Light
Gadgetgram - March 12, 2021
"The Nexvoo Breeze is packed with protection but doesn’t hide your face. It’s a clear mask with two built-in electronic fans with even more filtration than N95. According to company materials, they are rated N99."
Face masks go high tech with built-in air sensors, HEPA filters, and space like designs
KLTA5 - March 10, 2021
"NEXVOO has outfitted the masks with two 99 percent efficiency N99 level filters that provide even greater protection than the popular N95 masks. While two ultra-silent micro fans help to increase oxygen intake and remove carbon dioxide for increased comfort during everyday wear."
NEXVOO's BREEZE Transparent Smart Mask Features Sanitizing UV Light and Micro-Fans for Increased Oxygen
HYPEBEAST - February 03, 2021
"Nexvoo said it has 99% efficiency and more protection than N95 masks. Two micro fans increase oxygen intake and remove carbon dioxide "so you can be comfortable wearing your mask all day long whether you are working, jogging, cycling, or studying," said Nexvoo. "
Masks are here to stay: From N95 and KN95 to the latest innovations, we've got you covered
TechRepublic - February 16, 2021
"This transparent, FDA registered mask features N99-level high-efficiency filter, which is better than the N95 filtered mask. Interestingly, it also features electric fan modules and comes built-in with self-sanitizing UV-C light."
Breeze transparent smart mask has N99-level filters
dlmag - February 03, 2021
"Designed to protect against viruses, bacteria, allergens, mildew, dust, odors, and more, the mask innovation stands as the next generation of effective and comfortable equipment that brings back the emotion obscured by traditional masks."
NEXVOO's BREEZE Transparent Smart Mask Features Sanitizing UV Light and Micro-Fans for Increased Oxygen
Tabi Labo - February 16, 2021
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