Miotio Graphene-Based Cloud Thermometer
Miotio Graphene-Based Cloud Thermometer
Miotio Graphene-Based Cloud Thermometer

Miotio Graphene-Based Cloud Thermometer

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Smart cloud thermometer is babies’ 7*24 hours safeguard

Miotio Cloud Thermometer is a smarter choice for parents to monitor babies’ body temperature via smartphones. Family members can check and share accurate readings and get alerts for irregular results.


Key features:

  • Fast and accurate measurement The use of new material, Graphene, ensures fast and accurate heat conduction. Accuracy to ±0.1 degrees.
  • 7*24 hours continuous temperature monitoring Cloud thermometer can continuously work for 168 hours, which makes it the best assistant for parents to care for the baby's temperature. Especially when the baby has a fever, parents don't have to measure the temperature too frequently to disturb the baby's sleep.
  • Immediate alert for temperature abnormality When the measurement is out of range, the device will give an immediate alert once the result comes out.


Additional features:

  • Excellent Compatibility Cloud Thermometer is compatible with both IOS and Android systems.
  •  Cloud server The measurement data will be automatically uploaded and stored permanently. Family members can share the history data via a cloud server.
  •  Protection and safety to baby's skin Bio-compatibility material and medical stickers ensure the safety of the baby’s skin.



Baby's fever can be a huge worrying concern for parents and develop into serious conditions. Therefore monitoring the baby's temperature is extremely important. Miotio Cloud Thermometer facilitates the complicated and tiring process and gives parents 24 hours continuous temperature data.


How it works?

1. Download app from via App Store or Google Play Store

2. Battery installation or replacement: Open the thermometer battery compartment, place the battery in the battery compartment door, the battery "+" side is on the same side as the front of the thermometer, and push it in with the battery compartment door.

3. Turn on the power of Cloud Thermometer, log in to the mobile application, and add the device according to the operation prompts.

4. After the equipment is added, directly clamp the thermometer under the armpit or fix the thermometer under the armpit with medical tape, with the metal temperature probe facing the armpit.

5. Place the thermometer under the armpit, and slide the test button to the right according to the operation instructions of the mobile phone application to start the measurement.

6. When the measured value reaches a stable value, the mobile phone app will give out a vibration/sound prompt, and the measurement state will change from the temperature measurement state to the monitoring state. If the user does not need to perform continuous monitoring, remove the thermometer, press and hold the power button of the thermometer to turn off and tear it off, and the measurement results are displayed in the app.

Package Include:
  • 1 Cloud thermometer
  • 1 user manual
  • 1 battery
  • Adhesive tapes


1. Q: What is Miotio Cloud Thermometer ?
A: Miotio Cloud Thermometer is a 7*24 hours continuous temperature monitor. It can give an immediate alert for temperature abnormality to users. Graphene is well known for its unique structure and physicochemical properties. It is the strongest, thinnest, and most conductive material in the world. By adding Graphene, the Miotio cloud thermometer can get the measurement data very quickly, which far surpasses other thermometers in the market.


2. Q: Does it support IOS/Android system?

A: Yes, it could support, after signed back of our NDA, we would offer the SDK download link to you.


3. Q: Does it could support OEM requirement?

A: If the quantity reaches 5000 pieces, we could agree with the OEM requirement.


4. Q: How long the Lead time would be and how long it could send to us?

A: The LT for our product would be about 6~8 weeks.If for a small quantity, we have stock. It usually takes 7~10 days to send Express.


5. Q: How does the device support the family mode?

A: After we offered you SDK, you could have integrated it into your APP.


6. Q: What is the size of your cloud thermometer?

A: Size: 38*38*4mm

    Weight: 6.25g 



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